Metal Clay Bits…

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Metal Clay Trio

Learning how to metal clay…

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First metal clay pieces





The first photo is normal light, then the next three are dimmed lighting to show the glow. Oh, and the fading…

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This is a fun bead!

This is a fun bead!

Pondering… sitting here sorting through some older beads. Life is always good when there are beads to play with!

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Some old beads revisited!

Some old beads revisited!

Hay Bay Sunset

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Hay Bay Sunset

❤️ A beautiful wintery evening at the frozen bay ❤️

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Happy Halloween !!!

Happy Halloween !!!


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… as I sit here waiting for a fresh batch of kale chips to come out of the oven I peruse the latest posts in my FB news feed. One post in particular caught my attention, “Goodbye July, hello to August.” HUH???

A gentle reminder that abruptly made me very aware of the fact that summer is half over, a month has gone by, indoor “to do’s” that didn’t get done, and the outdoor “to do’s” that did get done. Bittersweet…
My indoor list grows longer. Fortunately, it is my favorite list. It’s comprised mostly of glassy fun things to accomplish. Although the weather here has been a bit on the chilly side this past week or two, it really has been too hot to sit at the blazing torch next to the kiln spewing 960 degrees of what would normally be bliss for me! 
At any rate, I actually crushed on the outdoor list! With all the TLC this past month, my garden is starting to blossom (teehee), into something wonderful and my front yard is a glorious work in progress. It’s amazing how much money you can save by transplanting overgrown flowers and hostas, etc. into other gardens around the yards! AND it looks like I have a “theme” going on! Wow! 😀
I have even made time to enjoy the weekly outdoor “blues” concerts in the area. Some REALLY fantastic local talent out there! As a single person it isn’t always easy to get out and socialize and these concerts are a nice way to just be out and “see & be seen”. After almost five years of being on my own, (with a couple of painful blips along the way), I am open to new possibilities. I am open to them, but not actively looking. You know what I mean, if I run into someone, ok. If not, ok. It would be nice to share life with someone awesome, but this GlassyGirl isn’t going to just settle.
All in all, it’s been a productive month all the way around. When not outside keeping up with the Joneses of perfectly landscaped yards, I have been jotting down new ideas and techniques that I can hardly wait to put into glass and metal work. It’s also back to the treadmill in preparation for a little 5k coming up. Getting over issues there, but onwards and upwards. I am staying positive and going with the flow! 
Well, on into August we go!
~ ThatGlassyGirl ~


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Lampwork beads handmade by ThatGlassyGirl (me), using Italian and other soft glasses. My beads are kiln annealed for added strength & durability.
Quality 7-strand coated wire, findings, clasps, cords, elastic and other finishing materials.

Every item I create is one of a kind! 😀

from “My Shop”

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by ThatGlassyGirl ~ Lampwork Artist

Necklace-Ivory, Goldstone, Copper