July 2014

I have more bracelets made and I will be photographing them to post in my store soon!

I can’t believe how crazy, busy, distracting, and all consuming daily life can get.

I am never idle. Even if I am sitting on the couch watching a movie, my mind is always playing and composing ideas and concepts. Putting ideas on paper and then creating them in glass seems to be a longer span of time than I care for.

I am learning lots about metal work, wire work and metal clay! SO exciting to incorporate my own metal components with my glass!

I am constantly learning and evolving as a person. Learning more about health, nutrition and the foods I care to fuel my body with is an ongoing process that gets more detailed along the way. Doing some mind bending by reading about spirituality and the science connection, the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking, and interconnectedness.

All these things take time. I am constantly re-priortizing all my interests.

I have classes I would like to take to further my artistic education. Good news though! All I need is more time and more money! LOL

I am sure you can sing that same song in your own words!

We want the same thing though, you and I… happiness.




~ by ThatGlassyGirl on 2014/07/16.

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