Happy 2014!

Here it is 2014 and just yesterday we were worrying about the calendar going from the year 1999 to the year 2000!

Wow, how quickly did 14 years go! FOURTEEN!

I feel an awakening inside myself. An awakening on many levels: physically, spiritually, mentally, creatively.  

Over the past few months I have cleaned up my food intake incorporating the ideas of raw foods experts using less packaged and pre-made foods, less meats, less dairy, less gluten, more veggies, veggies, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. Green juicing is becoming more prevalent in my daily diet. However, I still enjoy that glass of wine with my feet up watching a great movie! I DO have to work on moving more. I like the treadmill but I can’t wait to get outside again! This winter has had super crazy weather so far.

I have been reading several wonderful books to help me rediscover my Celtic roots. Much of the reading is about the old ways in spirituality and how it was based on Mother Nature. It all helps me feel grounded and connected to “my people”. 🙂

Mentally, I am always brain-teasing. You know, puzzles, words, math, etc. I have noticed though, that I have a bit more power in that department and I think I owe that to the fresher, cleaner living. On that note, I will also tell you that the cleaning products in my house are down to vinegar, baking soda, micro-fibre cloths and NATURAL soaps, shampoos and other self/home care products. Not perfectly yet, but getting there!

I am planning to spend LOTS more time in my glass studio practicing and feeding my creativity. I also have a library of tutorials for new techniques to try out, which I can’t wait to dig into. There are so many talented glass artists out there and I enjoy the ISGB Facebook page for that along with countless glass artists’ websites that I have bookmarked.

For now, I will continue my artistic endeavours in soft glass with boro in the not too distant future!

I think I just blogged. LOL Or is it a diary entry? Either way, it’s just my thoughts. 😉

~ by ThatGlassyGirl on 2014/01/26.

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